AI-Powered Automation


AI-Powered Automation

Overcomes Current Challenges Faced by Content Publishing and Marketing Industry – How?

Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources.” – Alain Dehaze

In the past, converting content into a book format or any other format was so tricky. It consumed our time and the cost of using various writing utensils and printing services. Once we started surviving in the digital life where content is king, the publishing industry entered the digital world and digital publishing services became a great boon for content marketers and publishers, thanks to the technology that changed the scenario and revolutionized the way every content publishing industry followed earlier.


The new lock: where is the key?

Currently, the scenario comes with new challenges. When it comes to content publishing industry, present book publishers, journals, and online content marketers face new marketing and production challenges coming from content industry because of ever-evolving nature of publishing industry and a plethora of content in the digital world. On the one hand, content marketing is one of the essential parts of any industry, but on the other hand, it has currently become a complicated process since the variety of content goes unlimited and the way how the content is consumed by people has become unimaginable.

A large amount of the content generated today is consumed in its digital form. Digital content publishing has gradually entered into every sector such as IT, entertainment, business, and education. Diversity in platforms, devices, and specific needs of the form of resulting content has evolved as variety of formats and delivery platforms in digital content publishing. This has created complex production processes that need special workflows for the variety of content produced. Every step in production of web content, eBooks and online learning resource requires customization and careful examination to suit the output required by the content marketers.

Content publishing + Automation = ?

Both publishers and content marketers need to overcome these challenges with innovative tools and ideas if they want to rule the kingdom of content. Here, automation, an obvious answer for many of the problems currently faced by publishing houses and content marketing industry, comes as an ultimate problem solver which makes content production smooth, uncomplicated, fast and easy. For the past few years, the ship of content marketing has definitely steered in the direction of automation. Around 51% of digital companies have started using marketing automation, according to statistics. If information is reliable, relevant, insightful and actionable with a proven and powerful method, customers will be attracted to marketing strategies. Here, technology plays a major role in providing fruitful data to customers.

With one-stop automation services processing in the cloud, all the processes in publishing which can be automated are scripted to work on the infrastructure of cloud computing. Workflows are developed by lining up different types of processes in the expected flow. The platform is exclusively designed to carry out a variety of automated tasks – composition, transformation and enhancement based on tailor-made automated workflows. Irrespective of at what stage your content production lines currently, automation can be applied at any phase of production, either the entire process or adopting it progressively, platforms and features that can be tailored to suit the expected demands.

In fact, recent content market demands have necessitated the inclusion of elements in content like info graphics, images, and GIFs, and interactive elements like videos and games. The content we produce is to be enriched with dynamic indexing, metadata, and semantic empowerment. In the method of content production with automation, the content is empowered with all the strategies that need for effective marketing. With the support of automation in content production, both content marketers and publishers are able to streamline and accelerate the entire workflow, from the initial draft to the final output that they need.

Benefits of content marketing

Key focus on content marketing is to drive sales by giving effective content to customers. Here, let’s talk about some top benefits of content marketing that help you understand the significance of content marketing strategy.

  • Technically, it helps put sales on autopilot.
  • Content marketing improves the credibility of your product or service.
  • With content marketing strategies, companies can make their branding trendy.
  • A sales team will be interested to engage with various types of content.
  • Your brands can catch a good place on Google search engine.
  • Content marketing drives sales on specific products or services.
  • Content marketing supports your branding pages to receive more visibility.
  • Content marketing makes your social media engagement following.
  • Content marketing empowers you control the way you sell.

Common benefits of automation in content publishing

Both publishers and content marketers avail the benefits of the content publishing with automation. Once automation spreads its wings, content marketing industry has skyrocketed to improve the sales of a product or service. Content automation that can be applied to a variety of uses includes:

  • Converting content into other formats such as translated versions, audio or graphics
  • Developing content without the support of human intervention
  • Monitoring and analyzing reader engagement on content published
  • Optimizing content with SEO techniques
  • Proofreading content to solve spelling and grammar issues
  • Publishing content with reminders and notifications
  • Sharing content across multiple digital platforms

Some content marketing tools

Marketing automation tools make a task a little more painless.  Here are some effective tools that you would help you streamline content marketing functions.

  • io: It helps you send messages to targeted customers for specific products in a customer-friendly way.
  • Constant Contact: It is an email-marketing automation tool that helps you take your marketing to the next level.
  • Marketo: It is a sort of marketing software that lets you drive revenue with lead management.
  • Dialog Tech: It can be highly useful when you focus on voice-based marketing automation.
  • Oracle Eloqua: It lets marketers plan automated as well as personalized campaigns.
  • Bizible: Bizible is a tool that supports you to close the gap between sales and marketing.
  • Bremy: It lets you configure a customized content marketing package of database publishing, email newsletters and video editing.
  • Genoo: It enhances the success of your marketing plans.



With delivering excellence of designs and formats, automation services have become a better platform for publishers and content marketers to motivate the community with new words. The content is not only described words but also an art with alluring designs giving a new shape to the world. With a new perspective of content, we can imagine a better world and make reading fun for aspiring readers. Start-ups in the content publishing are increasingly turning to marketing strategies with automation. The more marketing functions become automated, the more the marketing teams can focus on marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns.

Content marketing is essential for a company to executing any long-term marketing strategy, but it is difficult to identify the most effective working content. In this case, automation will provide the data to answer your questions and enhance your content marketing processes. With the support of automation, you may:

  • Identify cost-effective and customer-friendly channels and campaigns.
  • Find out how your content influences buyer behaviour, and helps to increase leads on a particular content marketing campaign.