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Freelancing – It Is Easier Than You Think With The Right Platform

Freelancing is a growing trend among Millennials and Gen-Z, who prefer it over working 9 to 5 in corporate cubicles. Freelancing jobs offer work flexibility, a superior work-life balance, the opportunity to work from the comfort of home, choice of doing only those tasks that one wants to do. It eliminates the frustration in young minds about receiving the same salary regardless of how hard or better they work.

Working from home eliminates the need to commute. This is specifically valued by the extreme commuters. Commuting for a very long time through traffic in rush hours can be quite stressful and it directly affects their ability to focus on their work.

Through freelancing, talents from rural areas and small towns can find the jobs they desire without having to shift to cities. It also saves money as one has to pay more to live in bigger or metropolitan cities with the high cost of living, commuting, etc.

Younger generations like to work independently, in a quiet and personal workplace setting where there are fewer interruptions and interferences, and zero office politics. They find that they are more productive and satisfied when they work as per their own preferences.

Long before the pandemic, many young people already resorted to freelancing jobs for extra income and to work with freedom of choice. Still, only a small number of the population had the courage to leave a steady income giving full-time jobs for the freedom of doing what, when, and where one wants to do the work. However, its popularity incredibly grew because of the covid-19 pandemic, not by choice but because of necessity.

Numerous people lost their jobs during the pandemic times and several of them had to become part-time or full-time freelancers to survive in these difficult times. Thus, as a consequence of the pandemic, the freelancer market is getting saturated all over the world.

Freelancing is quite challenging although it is very rewarding and has many pros. Freelancers often find it very competitive in getting jobs. With a lot of people competing for every single project work, even established freelancers, at times fail to get any project at all.

However, becoming a successful freelancer may not be easy but it is not impossible too. One can definitely set some strategies to stand out from the crowd and beat the uncertainty.

Develop your knowledge and skills
Continuous improvement is a must for success in any career let alone freelancing. Unlike other jobs, freelancing keeps you alone at work. When you have any hitches or queries regarding your work, there is literally no one to help or guide you.

There are times when clients want the freelancers to use an app, tool, or program they have never tried working with before. Such situations can often be very stressful to freelancers as it is hard to get acquainted with the new software straight away. They cannot afford to fail to meet the requirements of the employers as they may not get the next project or good ratings from them.

So, if you want to surpass others in the freelancing competition you must continuously update your knowledge, and skills relevant to your field.

Build a good relationship with the clients
Rapport building with clients is indispensable for successful freelancing. You have to satisfy them with high-quality work delivered on time. Clients want to get their work done timely as per their expectations without any disappointment. Be professional and reliable. When clients approach you, reply to them promptly without making them wait. Communicate transparently with your clients, and try to comprehend their needs and expectations for better performance.

Winning their trust when you get the opportunity to work with a new client ensures that they approach you again and again for carrying out their projects. By creating such strong connections with all of your clients you can be rest assured that you are never out of job.

Create your personal brand
Understand that simply sending a lot of applications every day will not get you the work. You have to put a lot of effort into creating your brand and marketing yourself. Your personal brand must build a good professional reputation. It must portray your knowledge, talent, skills, experience, and proficiency. But, be genuine and do not brag about yourself.

You must clearly mention how you can help them in attaining their goals and what sets you apart from your competitors. You can create a portfolio of your work to allow your clients to analyze your competence to do the task they want to get done. This can attract better clients and opportunities as well.

Some potential clients do not care for hunting talents on freelancing websites. Do not miss them. Promote yourself beyond the freelance platforms too such as blogs, social media platforms, etc. Bring them to your freelancing profiles by placing the links there.

Find the right platform
These days, many popular freelancing websites are crowded with cheap freelancers. They try to compete by bringing down their hourly rates assuming that it will win them more clients. If you try to compete with such applicants in a highly competitive freelancing platform, it is quite possible that you would have to lower yourself to their standards. Often clients do not appreciate or hire the applicants who try to get the project by lowering their rates as it shows that they are desperately trying to fetch the projects and quality work cannot be expected from such freelancers.

It is better to go for a freelancing site with lesser competition. Here, you get the chance to build your reputation among the clients and do your personal branding to incrementally build your client database.

iPrimeWork is one such promising freelancing website that incorporates diverse types of freelancing jobs – right from digital marketing, animation, programming, video editing, copywriting, graphic design, software development, website development, as well as logo design to translation and dubbing. This freelancing platform delivers you work projects from prominent companies. It is risk-free and ensures secured payment processing.

It has several unique features that ease your effort in searching and narrowing down your search results only to be of your relevance. Because it has an incredible number of job postings that are continuously updated in your feed, it is one of the best freelancing platforms to look for job opportunities.  It also has a reliable rating and review system that can aid in showing your credibility to the hirers and obtaining the next projects.

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