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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Hiring The Right Freelancer

“Do you want to access talent everywhere, or just in specific markets? If the answer is everywhere, you need to be at least open to the possibility of remote work.”Katie Burke

The cost of hiring an in-house employee is always more than that of freelancers. Apart from salary, the company also has to expend on training, providing house rent allowance, medical allowance, travel allowance, meal coupons, bonus as well as benefits and compensations to a full-time employee. Having in-office employees also means increased overhead costs for companies due to expenditures in rent, utilities, and cleaning services.

On the contrary, freelancers just have to be paid an hourly rate or pre-decided fees for the task or project completed. When working with freelancers, there is no additional expenditure involved. Because they are paid only based on their output, they tend to be more productive than salaried employees. Thus, companies can significantly cut down costs while increasing productivity by recruiting freelancers as opposed to permanent employees.

Freelancing offers access to specialized talents whenever needed. Companies are often stuck with the same kind of ideas coming from their internal team. By bringing in freelancers they can bring in fresh ideas and perspectives which only come from assorted talents of diverse backgrounds.

In some companies, the need for specific skill sets may vary from project to project, and some of those skills may not be of any value after the completion of the project. In such cases, there is no point in hiring full-time dedicated people. By getting help from freelancers, employers can pay only for what they need and when they need it.

These are the key reasons why businesses today prefer hiring freelancers over full-time employees. However, with that comes the biggest challenge – “finding and hiring the right freelancer” so that there is no compromise in the quality and quantity of the work output.

Here’s the best way to do it.

Define Your Need Precisely

First, you must be clear about what you are looking for in your freelancers before hiring them. Have an idea about which location and time zone you want them to be based in. Identify what skills, abilities, know-how, specialization, and experience they must possess to do your work.

Fix A Reasonable Budget

Freelancers are paid hourly or a fixed fee. Know the range of the hourly rates of the freelancer role you require. Usually, these hourly rates vary according to their location and level of experience. You can get an idea of their charges by going through other similar job posts.

Keep in mind that a person charging a low hourly rate doesn’t mean a cheaper deal. That person may take longer time to complete the work than others and eventually, you may end up paying more.

While setting the budget, take your expectations about your project into consideration.

Find The Right Platform

There are many freelancing platforms available today to hunt for freelancers. Some companies prefer finding freelancers on social media platforms. However, there is a risk of getting scammed and disappointed.

Hence, selecting the right platform is very essential. DhuMall Freelance Services is one of the most trusted freelancing platforms. DhuMall Freelance Services are one of the best services offered by DhuMall – the global marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to shop for various great products, services, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories.

DhuMall Freelance Services is well-known for providing innovative, talented, and responsible freelancers for finishing projects as per the expectations of the hirers. It offers businesses complete assistance in finding and assessing freelancing candidates and verifying the quality and authenticity of their work.

Post The Job

Freelancers are more passionate and dedicated because their career wholly depends on not just how much they do but also how well they do it. They choose only those jobs they are sure that they can do very well. So, while posting the job ensure that you provide a proper and detailed job description. This gives them a clear picture of your expectations.

Posting all the necessary information like the project description, strategy, scope and additional details, the skills, and know-how, familiarity with a certain software or file formats needed to execute it, the aesthetic style if any, the timeline of the project, the fees you are ready to pay and so on.

Select The Right Freelancer

Freelancing platforms like the DhuMall Freelance Services have several unique features for easy, faster, and accurate searching and narrowing down of freelancer profiles. Thus, a better, and quicker match.

Go through the reviews and ratings of the freelancers’ profiles. DhuMall Freelance Services has a reliable rating and review system that reveals the opinion and experiences of other clients which can be immensely helpful in selecting the right candidate for your work.

As you evaluate their profiles, scrutinize if they have the proficiency to do your work, look into the projects they have completed before, and prefer those who have done related projects.

Once you have selected a few right matches, conduct a phone or video interview with them. Check their communication skills. Ask them to show their portfolio and if they can provide their testimonials or do they have their own website. Ask them if they have questions about your project or work as it can help you judge their interest, motivation, and knowledge. Arrange a small paid project to test their ability.

Hire The Freelancer

Once you have shortlisted the candidate, explain the work or task in detail and how you want it to be done, specifically their role and responsibilities. Some companies let the freelancers work independently without much intervention while some want to be involved. Discuss the style of working and communication you prefer and know if the person is comfortable with it. Clearly mention the deadline of the work. Also, let the freelancer know if you would like to get regular work updates.

Fix the pay rate, the payment terms, and the process.

When you hire the person, get their contact details, a copy of their proof of identity, and citizenship of their country.

Make them sign an official contract that includes an indemnity clause, termination terms, and limitation of liability. Also get them to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement to ensure that they do not share information about your company, project, and clients with anyone else.

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